Literary Quote Chalkboard Printables

So, I looked at my classroom yesterday (pictures to come) and realized it was a bit boring.  I recently switched from desks to tables and did a few pinteresty activities to spice it up.  However, there were just not enough posters.   I refuse to buy super expensive or outdated posters, so, I decided to make my own.

I went to How to Nest for Less‘ site and downloaded their free Chalkboard Background.  Then I went to town. Using free fonts from and MS Word,  I create these twelve printables for my classroom.  Here are 12 FREE Literary Chalkboard Printables that you can download at the bottom!  Enjoy and happy start to the school year!

Angelou Chalk Bradbury Chalk Carroll Chalk Emerson Chalk Fitzgerald Chalk Green Chalk Rowling Chalk Shakespeare Chalk Shaw Chalk Twain Chalk Whitman Chalk Wilde Chalk

Download PDFs Here and Enjoy!

Maya Angelou: chalkboard sign Angelou

Ray Bradbury: chalkboard sign Bradbury

Lewis Carroll: chalkboard sign Carroll

Ralph Waldo Emerson: chalkboard sign Emerson

F. Scott Fitzgerald: chalkboard sign Fitzgerald

John Green: chalkboard sign Green

J.K. Rowling: chalkboard sign Rowling

William Shakespeare: chalkboard sign Shakespeare

George Bernard Shaw: chalkboard sign Shaw

Mark Twain: chalkboard sign Twain

Walt Whitman: chalkboard sign Whitman

Oscar Wilde; chalkboard sign Wilde


3 thoughts on “Literary Quote Chalkboard Printables

  1. Why thank you! I don’t do much with this puppy anymore–the life of a teacher. However, it is just a standard wordpress template: The Adelle Theme. Just search it when you look up themes from wordpress. Thanks for your interest!

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