Nicholas Provenzano wrote a great blog on edutopia about teacher nerves before the first day of school.  I am now about a week out from the my first teacher in-service and I’m losing my mind.  Nicholas’ advice is to be prepared (check), accept not having control over everything (never!), communicate (check), and have fun.  The have fun at this point is the hardest because my teacher guilt is already setting in.  

I’ve been planning like a crazy-person.  All summer I have been researching and working to find the best modifications to all my classes.  With only a week before school, I now realize that I actually have to put it into practice.  Here are all the changes I am making this year:

  • I am using a writing portfolio system 
  • I am weighting my grades
  • I am using an LMS (
  • I am teaching a new class (Speech & Drama)
  • I am using Evernote for my lesson planning
  • I am using a tablet/laptop hybrid in the classroom
  • I am making videos for flipped classrooms
  • I restructured my other 3 classes (AP Lit&Comp, 12th Brit. Lit. and 10th English) so they are all thematic.
  • Students will now have BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) days in class

What the heck is wrong with me?  

After saying that, I’m hoping all these changes will help my students.  I’ve been researching so much on 21st century learning that it makes my head spin, but I am confident that these (crazy) changes are really what will enable my students to learn from the past so they can write their own future.  


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